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Adam M. Hogan, D.D.S, F.A.G.D.

A General Dentist, Board-Certified in Dental Implantology

Implant Dentistry of Virginia

- Passion for Dentistry and Our Patients
    Our purpose is to deliver quality reconstructive, implant and cosmetic dental care for a lifetime. Our axiom of “health, comfort, function, longevity, and beauty” is sought intensively in each and every dental restoration from one tooth to an entire mouth.

A lifetime of success: Dr. Baxter and Dr. Hogan place implants with the intention of having them last a lifetime. Nothing is more important to success than properly planned prosthetic restorations, patient education and periodic re-evaluation of your dental implants. We do everything possible to minimize failure and maximize success. To maximize the potential of success, our doctors stay abreast of the latest dental implant practices and state-of-the-art technology to include: 3-Dimensional implant planning with Cone Beam CT Scans, piezoelectric surgery, digital x-rays, CAD-CAM restorations, Nobel Biocare Dental Implants, Zimmer dental implants, Bicon dental implants, AATB accredited Rocky Mountain Tissue Bank allografts, and CAT Scans. In addition, Dr. Hogan and Dr. Baxter keep informed of the latest research and trends by frequent participation in formal implant education classes, symposiums and local dental study clubs.

What does a smile mean? Have you thought about the importance of straighter, whiter teeth in the overall beauty of a face? Did you know that teeth are the single-most important facial feature that makes up an attractive face? Yes, eyes are only a close second and all other features are judged by the public to be much less important! Vibrantly white, straight teeth form the foundation of the smile by supporting and accentuating lips as well as defining the lower one-half of your face. In fact, when other people see you, they make pre-judgments about your character based on your self-confidence and friendliness. Your self confidence may be closely correlated with your own personal satisfaction of your smile. We believe in the importance of the smile and its profound effect on a persona. A wonderful smile can create a self-confidence that exudes a positive aura from an individual so intense that they actually become more socially attractive to others! Whether you simply desire whiter teeth or you wish for straighter teeth proportionally and perfectly framed by your lips, Dr. Hogan and Dr. Baxter have the skill and diligence to safely and compassionately deliver your desires. Enjoy the self-confidence you deserve.